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מטע של חופש

'Orchard of Freedom' was born in 1985 as an orchard of olive trees, by the late Yosef (Yibi) and Ido, Ido's grandparents.

על המטע

The two,  Urbanites from Rishon Lezion, decided to change their lives as part of the Galilee Judaization project that began in 1980. They passed  To Hararit for a year of experience and at the same time continued to run the optics business in Rishon Lezion. As part of the project, the new residents of the Galilee were also given areas for livelihood and agriculture. Without any agricultural background, Grandpa Yosef studied and researched, invested and examined, and realized that the area was suitable for planting an olive grove. He began to gain experience and his work heritage, relying solely on organic farming, continues to this day.  

The planting of the orchard was with the intention of producing quality olive oil, from olives of the Zuri (Syrian) variety - a reputed variety from which oil with a special aroma is extracted.  

Since its planting - the orchard is organic. Yes, oil is also an oil of freedom. Free from spraying the soil and trees with chemicals, while fertilizing with only organic compost.


It was important for us to also connect the oil production process to the worldview and values of the place.  Therefore, with the establishment of a 'plantation of freedom', we have invested in the study and development of sustainable and ecological growth, which also contributes to the high quality of the oil.  

During the year the care of the orchard is in the traditional traditional method, that is, in real handiwork. Without any advanced mechanization. From the harvesting stage, in which the olives are "milked" from the branches, through the removal of "pigs", the scattering of wood pulp around the trees, to retaining moisture and water, to the creation of organic compost from the wood pulp. Thus we maintain periodicity and utilization of all natural means. 

The annual olive harvest is an event in itself - a meeting that takes place several days to which many family members, friends and volunteers join.  


About a month after stopping the oil, it is filtered and stored in a stainless steel container sealed to light and oxygen, in order to maintain a long-term acidity level and good taste.  

Each bottle of 'oil of freedom', is an expression of the story of our place, its spirit, our common action and our optimism.  

  All proceeds from the sale of our oil are a donation to the association  Who manages the place.

The association was established in Ido's memory and aims to hold educational activities in the orchard

With teenagers and young people. 

To order 'Oil of Freedom', click or dial 

2 liter tin 130 NIS

750 ml bottle  50 NIS

רכישת שמן זית
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