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A month after the war began, when Ido returned home, his mother asked him how a child of freedom like him manages in a crowded tank, Ido replied that freedom begins here  And patted his heart. 


This is Ido. Son of Aviva and Avshalom. Eldest brother to the bar. He was born on Monday, December 3, 1985, in Hararit in the Galilee. At the age of five, the family moved to Kibbutz Mashabei Sadeh in the Negev, where Ido began his studies at the Mashavim Elementary School. Givat Haselaim, Ido grew up and lived his life until his last day. His personal commitment, in 11th-11th grades, he devoted to volunteer activity in the Civil Guard. He enjoyed the many responsibilities that were placed on his shoulders and even received a certificate of "Outstanding Volunteer".


In all the frameworks in which he studied and acted, the value of freedom was what led him. Not always in accordance with the rules and framework, but in the complete belief that true freedom is in the soul and emotion. 

Ido fell in battle in southern Lebanon, on Saturday, August 18, 2006, during one of the hard battles of the war, when the tank that fought him in Saluki was hit by anti-tank missiles. With him fell his commander, Capt. Rishon Amasa Meshulmi. Another crew member was wounded. After the war, the four received a commendation from the commander of the 162nd Division.

And so it is written in Ido's SLA: "Sergeant Ido Grabowski functioned during the fighting as a gunner in the tank, Lt. Col. Shai Bernstein.  Staff Sergeant Ido functioned independently in the tank, and was involved in several battles in these villages: Merkava, Talusa and Majdal Salim in which he and his team killed several terrorists. On Saturday afternoon, when the RPG tank climbed the axis that ascends to the entrances to the village of Endoria, the axis behind the RPG tank collapsed and a disconnect was created between the RPG force.  To the rest of the company in the rear.

For about a long time, the tank fought heroically, with the lieutenant colonel trying to find an alternative route for the battalion moving in its wake. Weeks of fighting, idling independently, located targets and reported to the RPF his findings even when he realized that the nearby company tanks were being hit. "Sergeant Ido Grabowski demonstrated a fighting spirit, initiative, courage under fire, brotherhood of warriors, composure and independence."  

In a complex and protracted rescue operation under heavy fire, Ido and Amasa, who were fatally wounded, were evacuated to an olive grove, where they died of their wounds. Ido's parents recount what they heard from his friends in the company about his last moments: "Ido gave a deep and final breath and his friends shouted 'Grabowski we love you'."


Ido was twenty at the time of his fall. He was laid to rest in the military section of the cemetery in Rosh HaAyin. Left parents and brother. After his fall he was promoted to the rank of First Sergeant.

At the end of the war, Ido's belongings were returned to Ido's family, including the flag. Ido's friends continue to take  The original flag for their travels around the world, and being photographed with it. 


The Afek School in Rosh HaAyin commemorated Ido in the "Garden of Freedom" - a community garden where ecological crops are planted. Gvanim Middle School holds a navigation run every year, as well as planting a tree in his memory  And established a corner in the school named after him - "Corner of Freedom". Begin High School, where Ido attended Rosh HaAyin, in collaboration with the municipality, chose to commemorate his memory  And his spirit in a special way. A messenger race in nature with the participation of the 12th layer and the soldiers of the 9th Battalion Company. Sports may not have been his great love, but the race in nature and the joint activity create a strong, embracing and exciting feeling of formation every year.  

A troop of soldiers at the Hashomer Farm base adopted Ido and set out on a journey following him, with the flag of freedom instilling motivation in them in moments of difficulty.


Out of his love for the "Blade" company, his father bought flashlights for all the company's soldiers, with the caption "Ido's Light" on them. "For us," he wrote, "the flashlight that symbolizes Ido and the light of his path can also illuminate our path and direct us when the path is not so clear, illuminate when we no longer see the light at the end of the tunnel and everything is dark. It is the light that changed us."

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