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How did the flag reach around the world

And carried by dozens of travelers?

It starts even before military service. Ido and some of his friends, who are connected to reggae music and Lvov Marley, prepared the flag for the high school graduation party. Or Kantor, designed the flag and our Ido added to it the message that became the motto  WE ARE FREE.   The flag was hung on a hut in Sinai on vacation before enlistment.  Thus began the miraculous and unexpected journey of the flag and message throughout military service, including versions of a bracelet on hand or a disk cover.  

Anyone who has known Ido closely and throughout his short life understands that this message is an authentic expression of his freedom-seeking personality.  Ido believed that true freedom is at heart, and can be carried anywhere and believed in in any situation. The flag became his hallmark and after his fall, he got his own life in an exciting way. 

This world-wide tradition continues to this day, and is a wonderful expression of what characterized our Ido - a connection between people. 

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When Ido was killed, and his company left Lebanon and continued to organize and employ in the Golan Heights, the company was painted in the colors of the flag. This was the way his comrades in the company continued his message of love for freedom.

But it does not end here ... The tradition continued over the years between the cycles that came to the company, even among soldiers who did not know him personally, but connected to the story.  

In time, when the first friends were released and went on the big trip, to the big freedom, they took with them a personal memory of a testimony. One made a sticker, another made his own flag, and the phenomenon gained unbelievable momentum on social media ... Even travelers who did not know Ido, started uploading pictures of themselves with the flag or sticker, from remote places in the world, with locals or travelers. They all connected to the exciting tradition, the one that connects human beings and shares the same belief that Ido started somewhere during his military service. 

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