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The story of 'Orchard of Freedom', could have been another story about

For the enjoyment of relatives and friends

But behind it, lies a larger and more unusual story

On the connection between earth and soul, on human nature and on a more exciting human landscape than the landscape of rugs, rocks and olive trees.

Dozens of volunteers, friends and visitors, as well as organized bodies, come here to help cultivate the plantation.  And turning it into a space that hosts a value-based and experiential formation, of youth communities and groups

Everyone comes here to connect with nature, people and freedom. 

This exciting story was launched thanks to a special flag that carries the message 

A flag that has become a symbol  Experienced around the world


And carries the tenets of faith

And the legacy of those in his memory

And in his spirit  This orchard was established

Here, in the orchard of his grandparents, Joseph and Ivy, planted exactly in 1985 a month before Ido was born, we continue to tell his story.

In a place he loved from childhood and symbolized his love for the Land of Israel, the Galilee, the landscape, the olive trees, the open sky, the spaces, the freedom, the joy, and the people.

A place of continuity to life, out of respect for nature and humanity

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