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Garden of Freedom,  Afek School

The Afek School in Rosh HaAyin commemorated Ido in an extraordinary way, and with a natural connection to his spirit. A "Garden of Freedom" was established on the site. A community garden where ecological crops are planted. A kind of small urban edition of 'Orchard of Freedom', where he grew up as a child. 

Navigation run in the Rosh HaAyin forest,  Shades Division

Gvanim Middle School also chose to preserve Ido's special spirit, and give it expression on the ground.  In the courtyard, a "corner of freedom" seating area has been established, and every year an exciting tradition of a special navigation race is held in his memory. The race is in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, the Municipality of Rosh HaAyin and the IDF. Each eighth grade class comes to the Rosh HaAyin Forest for a navigation and race workshop. On the flag and the circumstances of its fall, the students are accompanied by a group of soldiers who are currently serving in the unit that Ido served, and together they go through several hours of learning and a special navigation experience. 

Relay race,  Begin High School

Begin High School, where Ido studied in Rosh HaAyin in collaboration with the municipality, were debating how to commemorate Ido. At first, the offer came up to commemorate him in the school library. Not exactly Ido's favorite place, a space lover   And freedom. Even sports in the standard format, was not something Ido connected to. But when the idea of running in nature was born, it was clear that this was the way to go. Thus, every year, a messenger race in nature is held with the participation of the twelfth and soldiers of the 9th Battalion Company, with the help of MDA and the Israel Police. An experience that creates a strong, embracing and exciting feeling every year. A text is held in the presence of the mayor. 

Blade Company

The connection to the Blade Company is emotional and deep. Ido left his mark on the company   Even after he was killed, with the flag and message passed on in the unit to new generations of recruits. The connection and support between the company and the family are mutual and have become a tradition. Not just by lighting candles together in the unit every Hanukkah holiday.   Soldiers from the company come to volunteer in the plantation, and Ido's father visits them with occupations and exercises, and has also become a kind of address for soldiers who share experiences, hardships and dreams with him ... 

Armor instructors

An indirect connection created, thanks to Ido's cousin who was an instructor in the course. She told his story  As part of the 'battle heritage', and since then the special connection has been maintained and the female soldiers of the course come to the orchard for a day of volunteering, conversations, singing and working together. A beautiful and unexpected tradition, preserved even with Ido's flag that can also be seen flying in the Shizafon camp.